Parramatta District Touch Association

Local Competition



Our Touch Association runs both Summer and Winter Competitions. Our Winter Competition runs from May to July and our Summer competition from September to December (juniors) and October to February (seniors). Games are played on Tuesday and Wednesday’s at Doyle Ground, North Parramatta.

The Summer Junior Competition runs for approximately 12 weeks, finals included. The Winter Senior competition runs for approximately 10 weeks and the Summer Senior competition runs for approximately 14 weeks. Please note we will not run games over State of Origin, or the Christmas / New Year period.

2022 Adam Fahim Cup (Elite)

The 2022 Adam Fahim Cup will commence on Wednesday 18th of May at Doyle Ground, North Parramatta. Please note that this competition is a targetted out our representative players and also towards our Jnrs wanting to breaking into our Snrs Teams or learn more off our elite players.

It is only a 6-8 weeks competition. There will be separate Men’s & Women’s Competitions in 2022.

All registrations are taken individually and the Club’s Coaching Committee then Draft all teams.

Winning teams will receive FREE Vawdon Cup Levy for all players in the side.

All Players = $90 includes reversible playing singlet
**Parramatta Touch does accept Active Kids Vouchers

All players wishing to play Vawdon and State Cup with the club MUST play 85% of games in this competition

To register for this competition head to


2022 Senior Winter Competition (Social)

The 2022 Winter Senior Competition will commence on Tuesday 31st May at Doyle Ground, North Parramatta. Please note this competition will consist of 10 Rounds plus a final series and finish is August.

Tuesday= Men’s Div 2 & 3
Tuesday= Mixed Div 2 & 3
**All Snr Competitions are 6 a side
**All competitions played under the
8th Edition Rules

$100 includes reversible playing singlet
**Parramatta Touch does accept Active Kids Vouchers

All competitions will be operated under the NSWTA Return to Training & Play Guidelines, as well as the Parramatta Touch COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Registering for Touch has never been easier using MySideline

Check out this short video on the new-and-improved registration process via MySideline. You can register by searching for our association by name or postcode. 

To register a team use the links to visit MySideline.

To register into a team use the links to visit MySideline.

If you are an individual looking to be placed into a side please email Pam Hetherington at and we will find a team for you to register into.

To view fixtures and results please use the fixtures & results tab above.

Field Layouts

Our association play at Doyle Ground, North Parramatta

There is currently a total of 10 fields available.

Field Layout for Under 9’s and Under 7’s Only


Doyle Ground, North Parramatta

Is Touch the same as Tag?

No, there’s no ‘tag’ in Touch Football! You don’t need any specific types of shorts to play like you do in a tag game. 

Do you have to be fit to play Touch?

Nope, Touch Football at park level is a social sport. And there’s a reason it’s Australia’s largest social sport, with 700,000 people around the country taking part – everyone can play, no matter your age or size. It’s just about finding a social team that suits you.

What is Mixed Touch?

Many Touch Football clubs around the country offer ‘Mixed’ competitions, which means males and females can play in teams together. Depending on the age criteria set by the club, this means whole families (kids, parents, grandparents) can event play together. Even at the most elite end of the sport, there are Mixed as well as Men’s and Women’s divisions.


Sports Injury Claims Procedure

  1. When injured, report your injury to your Association immediately and fill out the injury report form. (This must be done on the day/night) DOWNLOAD HERE
  2. Request a claim form within 30 days via Sportscover – or download via the TFA website
  3. Ensure your team, local association and state are provided. Ensure the official report form is completed by your association. Please remember to complete all section to avoid delay
  4. Have your medical practitioner to fill in the appropriate statement and email all completed paperwork to
  5. Claim from your Private health insurer/Medicare, if applicable
  6. When treatment is complete please return all accounts.

Touch Football Australia manages changes to the policy to maintain currency with industry requirements. In addition, claims are managed so large increases related to increase claims are evened out across the scheme ensuring stability with insurance related costs for local associations.  

To review the coverage available, we recommend all individuals to consider their personal circumstance and assess if additional external coverage is required outside of what is offered as part of membership to the affiliated structure of Touch Football Australia.

 To view policy related information, please visit the ‘Insurance’ section of the Touch Football Australia website:

Wet Weather

For Wet Weather Updates please follow our Facebook page and the “NEWS” section on our website.
Decisions will be attempted to be made well in advance, however this is sometimes out of our control.
In the case of inclement weather, you should contact for Council Field Availability after 2pm on the day of your game.

Phone number: 9294 8586

If fields are open, rain, hail or shine the games are ON. There is no need to make personal contact with anyone from the Association as they are guided by the Council. If for any reason the games are cancelled but the grounds are open, then you will be notified accordingly.

Kids Playing in the wet

Rules and Regulations


Duty Referee

Parramatta District Touch Association provides all referees for every game.

All referees please report to the referees room at least 15 minutes prior to the games. Some of you will be buddy refereeing which means we do not want 2 of you on the field at once, you must interchange.  We will explain when you report, including any specific rules for our competition.

Referee Uniform

Please wear your own TFA Referee shirt or the Parramatta Pink Referee Shirt. Please wear football boots or similar to referee in.

Remember your whistle and water bottle.

Snr Single  Snr Buddy  Snr Triple  Jnr Single  Jnr Buddy  Jnr U/7s & U9s
$25 $15 $15 $12 $8 $8

NSWTA Event Referees

Any referees who are interested in attending NSWTA events such as Junior or Senior State Cup please let our coordinator know. We also have gala days leading up to this tournament that we need refs for. If you’re keen, it’s great money and will improve your refereeing skills.