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2022 Jnr State Cup Coaching Appointments

Sep 20, 2021 | Uncategorized

The Parramatta Touch Executive in conjunction with the Parramatta Touch Coaching Committee are pleased to announce the Coaching Appointments for the 2022 NSW Touch Association Junior State Cup Southern Conference. Which will be held in Wagga Wagga from Friday the 18th to Sunday 20th of February 2022.

The club is very excited with some new additions to our coaching staff for the 2022 campaign. With some of our top line male and female players putting there hands up to help our future Premier League players in their journey.

Trial information for the 2022 JSC will be released once the pathway for return to community sport is announced.

Coach Asst Coach Manager
Girls 18s
Peter Langmack
Craig Mathews
Brett Shelton
Grace Ryanhart
Girls 16s Jackie Wickman
Girls 14s Jenna Hetherington Taliah Simbolon Pam Hetherington
Girls 12s TBA Nicole Curtis TBA
Girls 10s Tanya Hobbs Felicity Hetherington TBA
Boys 18s Josh Phillips Ian Geddes Col Field
Boys 16s Ricky Hetherington Peter Grosvenor & Justin Tarabine Tony Chidiac
Boys 14s Jacob Harrington Luke Osborne Rod Hetherington
Boys 12s Robert Sassen Michael Geddes & William Hickey
Boys 10s Cameron Noud Lachlan Inglis Oliver Donnellan

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