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2021 Vawdon Cup Coaching Nomination Open

Mar 15, 2021 | Uncategorized

Parramatta Touch Association are pleased to open the 2021 NSW Touch Association Vawdon Cup Coaching Nominations.

Vawdon Cup is a weekly competition conducted throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area catering for Open, Senior & Youth divisions. Below is the Criteria, Selection process and the timeline of events.


  • All Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers must complete their ‘Working with Children Check’ and provide the WWCC number to Parramatta Touch prior to team trials (Note: this can take 4 weeks to obtain
  • Coaches must have Talent Coaching Certificate and Assistant Coaches Foundaton.
  • Premier League head Coaches must have a Level 3/Elite Coaching Certificate.
  • Must be voluntarily active within the Parramatta Touch Football park level competitions.
  • Selection will depend on how many applications are received and you may not be offered the division/ position preference applied for.
  • Ensure trials and selections are well advertised and open to all players competing in Parramatta park level competitions.
  • Be available for selections for the team you will be coaching and work with appointed selectors.
  • Selectors and Coaches are to follow the selection criteria as set down by Parramatta Touch Executive.
  • Players will only be considered to represent Parramatta Touch at the 2021 Vawdon Cup if they are actively
    playing in the 2020/21 Summer Competitions or in the 2021 Adam Fahim Cup.

Selection Process

  • All nominees may be required to attend an interview with the club Coaching Director, Head of Men’s and Head of Women’s
  • There will be questions asked to gauge where a coaches skills are at
  • End of interviews Coaching committee will put their recommendations forward to the executive for final approval

Timeline of Events

  1. Coaching Nominations Released= 15th March
  2. Coaching Nominations Close= 26th April
  3. Interviews (if required)= 29th April
  4. Coaches Appointed=8th May
  5. Adam Fahim Cup Starts= 5th May
  6. Player Trial Nominations Released= 6th May
  7. Trial 1= 19th May (after Adam Fahim Cup Games)
  8. Trial 2= 26th May (after Adam Fahim Cup Games)
  9. Round 1 Vawdon Cup= TBC (Mid/late August)

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