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Parramattta TA newest Life member – Jason Scharenguivel

Dec 14, 2020 | Uncategorized

At the Parramatta Touch Annual General Meeting there was a life membership nomination put to the members.

Jason Scharenguivel better know as Kenny Nagas was nominated for Life Membership by the clubs Heads Men’s Coach Ricky Hetherington.

Kenny has been a representative player for the club for over 20 years. Generations have come and gone at the club but the consistent over that time has been Kenny. After his generation players left, he stepped back from Premier League and became apart of the 1st Division furniture and has been tutoring players over the past 6 years.

All the players he has played with always hold Kenny in the highest regard for what he has done for all them on and off the field. Except when you try to walk into State Cup with him when he has to talk to the 1000 people that know him and want to talk with him.

Kenny has also represented New South Wales and Australia with high distinction and with great success. But his first love of touch has always been the Eels.

The members unanimously voted Kenny in as a Life Member, and Kenny was told in front of his team at the 2020 State Cup.

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